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Benefits of Asian Massage Therapy:

  • Improves blood circulation by pushing oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body.
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Increases flexibility and mobility
  • Helps clear lactic acid and other waste, which reduces pain and stiffness
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Should you get an Asian Massage?

Massage therapy helps a variety of health conditions. If you have any one of these conditions, massage will help you.

  • Back pain
  • Inflammatory condition (arthritis and tendinitis)
  • Stress relief
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle related conditions such as spasms, strains and sprains
  • Repetitive strain injury (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Circulatory problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Post-injury and post surgical rehabilitation
  • Release toxins from the body

Massage therapy has been proven to relive stress and is thought to help the body’s stress response by lowering hormones such as cortisol.

Many researchers have found that Massage therapy enhances immune function.

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A Typical Asian Massage Session:

A typical massage therapy session is between 60 & 90 minutes and will begin with a brief consultation of symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle.

You will be asked to undress (other than underwear) while the massage therapist is out of the room, and lie face down under a sheet on a padded massage table.

Your massage therapist will make sure that you are ready before re-entering the room. Your massage therapist will then adjust the face rest and pillows to ensure that you are comfortable.

The massage therapist uses a light oil or lotion on the skin and begins the massage.

You will remain underneath the sheet at all times, only the part of the body being treated at any one time is uncovered.

After the massage, the massage therapist leaves the room so you can get dressed.

Take your time because if you sit or stand too quickly you may feel lightheaded or dizzy.

Does Asian Massage Therapy Hurt?

Massage therapy can hurt depending on your symptoms and medical history and if the massage therapist is doing Swedish techniques or deep tissue massage. Applying pressure over “knots” and other areas of muscle tension may cause discomfort. If the pressure is too strong, simply let the massage therapist know.

How Will I Feel After an Asian Massage?

Most people feel calm and relaxed after a treatment. Occasionally, people experience mild temporary aching for a day.

Massage therapy is not recommended for certain people:

People with infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds
Immediately after surgery
Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor
People prone to blood clots. There is a risk of blood clots being dislodged. If you have heart disease, check with your doctor before having a massage

Massage will not be done directly over bruises, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures.
Additional Massage Tips

Don’t eat a heavy meal before the massage.
If it’s your first time at the clinic, arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete the necessary forms. Otherwise, arrive 5 minutes early so you can have a few minutes to rest and relax before starting the massage.